Startups grow faster with local support

DelawareIQ helps startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs, get there.

Here are six ways DelawareIQ helps entrepreneurs:

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Find the Funding

Connect with funding sources for early-stage companies & ideas

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Vetted Service Providers

Find qualified, affordable, and trustworthy service providers

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Grow Your Team

Post opportunities to assemble the right squad for your mission

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Get Stuck? We Can Help!

A personalized concierge chat representative is here to help.

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Shop Offices & Co-working

Our ecosystem directory includes the best places to find your groove.

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The Region's Best Events

Events across the region. Aggregated to one calendar.

Find Funding for Your Idea, Startup, or Existing Business

Raising funds in the Delaware Region is about knowing where to look and who to talk to.

Start your search with the ecosystem directory found on the homepage. Sort by category, investor interest, specialty, and more.

Contact investor groups, and grant focused nonprofits, through their contact form, and engage!

Vetted Service Providers.

Ever feel lost looking for the RIGHT professional service provider?

Find pre-vetted service providers for quality and affordability. From web developers to lawyers, find the right one today.

Need guidance? Use the personal concierge chat feature to ask us for a personalized referral!

Recruit Local. Grow Your Team.

From intern, to co-founder, to a full-time hire, you can use DelawareIQ to find local talent that’s right for your new idea or startup.

How? Use the job-posting section to create a new opportunity post and track applications as they come.

Let DelawareIQ take care of promoting your opportunity posting.

Stuck? Try our Personalized Concierge Chat!

Not sure where to turn or how to ask?

We’ve been there. Try our personal concierge sidebar chat feature!

Ask us anything; from questions about how to raise money for your startup, to how to find the right professional service providers. We’re happy to help.

Find an Amazing Place to Work:

Finding the right working environment, office amenities, and location are critical to success.

We’re always growing the list of great spaces to work in Delaware. Our platform makes it easy to sort and filter what works for you!

Use the ecosystem directory, found on the homepage, to begin your search.

Network Smarter with our Regional Events Calendar

Events are great, but the wrong event is a complete waste of time. The opportunity cost can be huge!

At DelawareIQ, we’re constantly adding new calendar integrations with regional partners. When they post events, they show up on our regional calendar.

Head to the Events page in the top menu bar to navigate to the region-wide calendar of events!

Learn about webinars, local offers, free deals, and more!