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Job Seekers

Finding the right opportunity is overwhelming

DelawareIQ helps job seekers find regionalized employmen

Three ways DelawareIQ helps regional job seekers:

(scroll down to learn more about each)
Job Seekers (1)

Locals Hiring Locals

Employers prefer to hire regionally. Play the local card with DelawareIQ

Job Seekers (2)

Alerts & Notifications

Set up your alerts to monitor activity, interests, and new opportunity.

Job Seekers (3)

Manage the Process

Save companies you like, upload resumes, track, and manage applications.

Locals Hiring Locals

Employers, for many reasons, love supporting highly qualified, local applicants.

With DelawareIQ, we’re all in it to drive regional unity around a better economy of new jobs and opportunity.

DelawareIQ is highly motivated to helping job-seekers land the right gig. Need advice? Use the chat feature to reach out. We’re here to help!

Alerts & Notifications!

Good news travels quick. Sometimes that means you have to move quick!

Set up custom alerts, and personalize the triggers that get you quick alerts, right to your phone.

DelawareIQ is always working to improve your experience. Shoot us a chat message to let us know how we can improve!

Manage the Process

DelawareIQ strives to improve the job-hunt process. We’re highly motivated to help you find the right gig.

From discovery and prospect outreach, to the application and hiring process, we’re committed to supporting job promotions, and the alignment of new hires.

Need a little career advice? Use the chat feature to request a phone consultation.

Learn about webinars, local offers, free deals, and more!