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Experience + Knowledge = A Kick-butt Resume!

DelawareIQ supports Delaware's student body by introducing regional jobs & internships, events, and information that drives success and connectivity.

Four ways DelawareIQ helps the young go-getters:

(scroll down to learn more about each)
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Jobs & Interships

Employers prefer to hire regionally. Play the local card with DelawareIQ

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Online Education

DelawareIQ provides online content to flex your mind.

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Local Insights

Articles can be exhausting. We keep it short, concise, and impactful.

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Events & Networking

See the region’s calendar of events in one, simply glance.

Jobs & Internships

Employers, for many reasons, love supporting highly qualified, local applicants.

With DelawareIQ, we’re all in it to drive regional unity around a better economy of new jobs and opportunity.

DelawareIQ is highly motivated to helping job-seekers land the right gig. Need advice? Use the chat feature to reach out. We’re here to help!

Online Education

DelawareIQ is working towards releasing an online library of digital learning content.

Coming shortly, students of all ages and experience will be able to access video courses designed to foster the entrepreneurship mindset while guiding you through
the local maze of resources and opportunities designed for success.

Local Insights

Or news and blog section is packed with insightful stories and information.

That said, we know you won’t read more than a few paragraphs. So, we keep articles concise and simple to digest.

Head over to the DelawareIQ Business Blog to take a peak at the content we’re compiling just for you!

Kick-butt Events & Networking:

Events are great, but the wrong event is a complete waste of time. The opportunity cost can be huge!

At DelawareIQ, we’re constantly adding new calendar integrations with regional partners. When they post events, they show up on our regional calendar.

Head to the Events page in the top menu bar to navigate to the region-wide calendar of events!

Learn about webinars, local offers, free deals, and more!